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What You must have to set your site up online.

  1. A Domain Name for your site [see About Domain names]
  2. Hosting [see About Hosting]

Note: Although a lot of hosting companies offer domain name registration as well; we highly recommend you always register your domain name with a separate company. This enables you to change your hosting, immediately should you have any problems with your hosting company.

Once you have obtained your hosting account, you will need to set up your DNS [Domain Name Server] with your Domain name registrar.

So let’s assume you followed our recommendations in the two links above and you have purchased a domain name with Godaddy and your hosting with Hostgator:

Your welcome email from Hostgator will include the DNS addresses [see in red below] following is an example of the information you receive.


From:    sales@hostgator.com
Sent:    Thursday, 17 March 2011 11:15 AM
To:    [Your email address]
Subject:    HostGator.com :: New Account Info

Hello Your name and welcome to HostGator.

Below is a list of your accounts and corresponding information.


Shared Plan: Business [or whatever plan you signed up for]

Your Control Panel:    https://gator [your cPanel info.]
Username:       [ Your username]
Domain:           [Your Domain.com]
Password:       [Your password]
1st Nameserver:        ns[some number].hostgator.com
2nd Nameserver:      ns[some number].hostgator.com
Server IP:        [your hosting servers IP address}

Username: [Your username]
Password: [Your password]


Please contact us if you have any questions about your account.

Thank you,


Date: [whatever date}

 You need to insert your DNS information at Godaddy within your account under manage domains.

Note it may take up to 72 hours for your new Domain address to propagate throughout the internet.

Additional recommendations to set up your site [optional].

I can’t stress enough the huge advantage of setting up a local host server including PHP and MYSQL on your own computer to work from.

This enables you to get your site the way you want it BEFORE going live. Also you will always have a carbon copy of your site on your own disk.

The program to set up your own server is free, you can get it at http://xampp.en.softonic.com/. However setting up your own server is difficult and time consuming for a beginner.

For around $60 we can help you to set it up on your own computer.

If you do not set up your own local host you will have to work online. Either way the  instructions that follow in this tutorial are applicable.


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