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Make Money Online with Free Website Traffic


Released for the 1st Time in

2010 Updated for 2018

Simple, Fast, Effective Solution to getting Real Visitors to Your Websites Immediately.

No Extra Expenses to Work This System.

  • No More Click For Traffic
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 One Time Fee $39.95 – No Monthly Payments and includes; lifetime updates.

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Make Money Online – with Free Website Traffic


”Text Transcript for “Make Money Online with Free Website Traffic”


I’m about to show you the truth about free traffic.Here are the stats for a site that went online around the 15th sept 2009.
At first glance, it looks great!
I managed to build the traffic to a steady 150 visits, using my free website traffic system within the first 7 days, best of all the sales started to come in.

Now for the sake of this experiment I stopped my free traffic methods and invested $12 to get 10,000 guaranteed visitors and th traffic shot up to 400 per day.
Looks impressive so far , right?
Well lets look again;
There are 3,830 visits with 4,246 Page views, 1.11 pages per visit.
When I look deeper into the stats I find that the results of these extra page views and visits all lay between this area here when I was using free traffic and as soon as I went up here, after paying for the guaranteed US visitors -um,
the average time on the site went to less than 31 seconds.

Now lets look at where these visitors came from, these guaranteed US visitors actually came from around Spain and South America and a few from North America.

When we take a look at the sources of the traffic, it’s nearly all referring sites, little bit of direct traffic and 1% of search engine traffic.The direct traffic actually came from this section, before I started the experiment.
The referring sites are..eh…ah well. How does guaranteed traffic work? How does guaranteed traffic work is, they bring people to a web page that promises a free ebook or some sort of solicitation and as they click off that page, your page showing your site, comes up in a pop under and of course in the stats it shows that the page was visited but nobody really had a look at it.
Even though I was making sales here, the result from my $12 investment was zero sales, with double the traffic.So I call that useless traffic and also you’ll get that same type of traffic – useless traffic – from what most people recommend new affiliates to do and that is ; join surfing programs, safe lists and that’s what they call free traffic – so free traffic has really gotten a fairly bad reputation.

But let’s look at what happens with my free traffic system.
Here’s another site, at first glance you may say well that’s not real impressive. There’s not 400 visitors here, you’re getting around 35 visits per day – this is for the same time period as the previous site and it topped up to about 68 visits there, so there is:

648 visits for about 14 days. With – and this is where the difference lays, 2096 page views and each person on average visited three pages, but look at the average time on the site, instead of the 31 seconds they’re on the site for over 4 minutes.That tells me that they are interested visitors.

Now lets look at where the traffic is coming from;
Remember I was targeting US people and in this exercise I was actually targeting US and Australian people and as you can see that is were the majority of people have come from.
Let’s have a look at where the traffic sources are.
There is still a large portion of referring sites but those referring sites are not solicited referring sites.They are actually other websites that are recommending this site.
Huge portion of search engine traffic, where on the previous example we had a 1% search engine traffic here we have 38.16%. And you know what the big difference is? the biggest difference of all is that I made huge amounts of sales.

So that’s the difference between using free traffic that brings in good traffic, as against free and junky paid for traffic that brings in absolute rubbish.
Mind you this type of free traffic system – I know I paid $12 for this but I did it to show results quicker than if I went – I didn’t want to spend months surfing programs which bring the same sort of results.

This type of traffic brings in no results and people who use this usually get so jaded after a couple of months – they work so hard, they do everything they’re told to do, in their free  traffic programs – and – they just burn out. There is nothing to motivate them. Where as here the work you do to generate this traffic which is absolutely free, you’re motivated all the time because you actually see sales coming into your inbox every day.

So my free traffic system which I’ve just built, is available here, note that this $35 dollar price is only available till the 10th February 2010.That’s a special introductory offer because it has never been offered before – and I know that um… this is really easy to do. I know of other good systems too, that really involve hours of keyword research and testing there’s non of that here and so there is no more click for traffic, no more safe lists no more free advertising sites to submit to which is also
a total waste of time, – no more link exchanges and no more auto submitters. Everything in here really works.

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