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Kimbro’s Study – The Big Picture.

Looking at the big picture of home based businesses Online. How does it all work?

The Formula is very simple:

Products  +  Customers =  $

Off- Line Example:

Store with PRODUCTS in a good location,
with passing trade CUSTOMERS = $

Online Example:

Website with PRODUCTS in good location,
with lots of traffic converting to CUSTOMERS = $

The Formula cont.

So as you can see, the formula is simple. However putting the formula into action takes careful planning, capital and the acquisition of the skills necessary to run a successful business.

These skills take time to learn.Therefore we have  put a step by step system into place where you can  earn while you learn and hone your skills at the same time.

Comparison set up costs and potential of Online Verses Off-Line Business.

When setting up an Off-line business the costs vary considerably , depending on the type of business you are setting up. However usually you need to pay for rent, staff, stock, insurance, equipment, signs, advertising, postage, merchant accounts, customer parking, office equipment, utilities, etc, etc.
Rent alone can set you back well in excess of $40,000 per month for a top location.

When setting up an Online business from home many of these expenses are eliminated.

Instead of running your business from a physical address like a store, you will be running your business in cyberspace from a website. Your website will have to be hosted on a server. The cost of renting the space on the server is $10 – $30 per month. Your business  location is the whole world.

networking worldwide from home

networking worldwide from home via https://mikode.net

In the image above the red line is the link from my home computer in Australia to the server in the USA. I load all the files that make up my website to the server. The server serves up the website files as they are requested all over the world, via satellite and optic fiber cable.

There are basically two categories of computers “clients“[your machine running a web browser] and “servers” [server machine running a web server]

The client computer makes a request of the server computer when you type a URL [uniform resource locator] into the address bar.

For instance when you type http://kimbro.net/kimbros-study-the-big-picture/   into your address bar the server will deliver the page you are looking at right now.

Note that the Domain name for this website is “kimbro.net”

The browser broke up the URL into three parts:

  1.         The protocol (“http”)
  2.         The server name ( “www.kimbro.net”)
  3.         The file name (“/kimbros-study-the-big-picture/”)

I don’t want to go into detail here on how all the connections work, what is important is that you understand the necessity of choosing the right “Domain Name” for your Online business.
It will play a major role in getting your Online business into a top location in cyberspace.

In comparison to the costs of a top location for an off-line business at around $40,000 per month, your Online business costs of a top location, once obtained are around $10 – $30 per month.

Besides a Domain Name and Hosting you need the right tools to build and run your business Online.
For that purpose we have set up a $27 per month, membership site where you can download, for Free, all the software, applications and tools we use to build our business 24/7.

To see what is included in the membership go to MyScribeWeb.com

Unlike an Off-line business where you have to pay for your stock, there is an abundance of other peoples products which you can promote via your Online business as an affiliate. As an affiliate you do not have to carry or dispatch any stock. More on that later.

Online home businesses are usually owner operated. Once the business is set up, most of the work can be computer automated so staff costs don’t apply here.

We  believe that  using free advertising sites is a waste of time. Paid advertising is also not ideal.  We will show you later how to promote your site without  any advertising costs.

You do not have to set up a merchant account to accept credit card payments Online.

You don’t need insurance associated with public liability for your Online business.

No customer parking fees to pay.

I think it is obvious by now that setting up an Online business from home does not require a lot of capital compared to an Off-line business.

It is assumed you already have a working computer and Internet connection. Lets assume your Internet connection costs you $60 per month. The capital you would need to start your home business Online would be around $350, this would cover you for the first 3 months.

It is not reasonable to think that you will make a full time income from your home business online in under three months. Setting up your business Online to the point where your website is getting a good flow of traffic is the hardest part. This usually takes about three months to achieve. It is hard work with little reward. Unfortunately a lot of people give up  before it is time to harvest their reward.

Q; What type of income can you expect from a website in a top location in cyberspace?

A; The same income you would expect if you owned a store on high street of every major city in the world.




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