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Kimbro’s Study – Promote Your Own Website.

Promote Your Own Website, This Is Your Own Home Business Online.

No matter what product you are selling Online, promote it from Your Own Website.
The real advantage to owning your own site is that all your promotional resources can now be directed at one point – YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Promoting your own site

Instead of having to promote each product individually, you can promote 100’s of products from your own website.

Concentrating your efforts to promote one product, “Your Website”, automatically promotes all the products on your site.

Our aim is to get maximum exposure to our site via the major search engines.

There are two important factors to consider when developing a website for maximum exposure.

    * CONTENT – Is the content of your site relevant to its description?

We cover this topic in  the Web Building Tutorial “Additional Properties”
The description for the site you are on right now is:

<meta content="A Step by Step Guide on the Internet where you can find free tools and information on

how to start and promote your home business Online." name="description" />

Below is how Google displays this sites description when you do a search in your browser:

How To Start A Home Business Online
How To Start A Home Business Online – A step by step guide on the Internet where you can find free tools and information on how to start and promote your …
www.kimbro.net/ – 66k – Cached – Similar pages

Google Search Results

Googles algorithms determine how relevant and original your content is and displays your site to the person doing the search in order of relevance.

Back Links

are other sites recommending your site, by linking back to your site?

When there are several sites that are equally important in content to your site, Google looks at how many other relevant sites on the web point to your site. This is commonly known as a back link or inbound link. The site with the most, relevant back links gets presented to the viewer first.

Therefore the best promotion for your business is to firstly build a relevant original content site.
Then post as many articles in relevant article directories, blogs, ezines, reviews, social sites, press releases and forums as you can. Making sure to include your sites URL in the signature to your article. Every article that gets published Online is a valuable back link to your site.
If you write really good articles other webmasters will post the article on their sites, giving you even more back links and pushing you up in the search engines.

Don’t take part in any link farm programs and be very choosy if you do link exchanges. Remember relevance is an important issue here. Just one link from an “authority” site like the DMOZ directory is worth a hundred links from non authority sites.

Create Your Own Videos

First watch this basic video I have placed on You Tube.

This video was created using screenshot capture and edited in windows movie maker – then uploaded to You Tube in 2010 with a description containing a link back to my site.

This is a very simple and effective way to promote your site – you do it once and your promotion lasts for years to come. It took me a couple of hours to create this video but it is still working for me in 2014. I have updated my “Make Money Online With Free Website Traffic” generator over the years and it is still selling well.

In case you feel too technically challenged to create a video go to fiverr.com and hire someone to do it for you.


Make sure to read the Google guidelines on SEO [search engine optimization].

This is a lot of work but well worth the effort as the back links stay Online for years.
It is also in my opinion the best form of free advertising. Although I hesitate to call it free – I believe my time is worth quite a bit. Also for people who can’t write their own articles, they will have to hire someone to write the articles for them.

Even if you have to pay someone to do your article marketing, social marketing and videos for you, I think it is a better option to paid advertising like Google adwords, commonly known as PPC [ [Pay Per Click] or PPV [Pay Per View].
The results from PPC are very short lived. As soon as you stop advertising, so does your traffic. Whereas your traffic just keeps growing with article, social and video marketing.

You should regularly check how your site is doing, who is visiting, where the visitors are coming from and how long they stay on your pages, through [see Google Analytics. on products page]
Make sure that all your links are live and check for errors on your pages [see webmaster central, previous products page]

To check if your site is indexed type “info:www.yoursite URL” without quotes into your browsers search bar.

To check how many pages in your site are indexed type “site:www. yoursite URL” without quotes into your browsers search bar.

If you install the Google toolbar on your computer you can also see the page rank [PR] of every page you visit.

Getting the ball rolling is the hardest part.


If you follow the guidelines above consistently your site will achieve a top location in cyberspace.

Remember that a site in a top location is a very valuable asset to have and well worth all the work you have put into it.


Taken from comments left on my blog

Thanks for saving my bacon.
I was about to give all this up.
Worked my fingers to teh bone trying to make money as an afiliate.
I brought your Free Website Traffic system as a last ditch effort last week*** MAKING SALES FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!***finaly now how to get the right sort of traffic for free.


What a refreshing change this program is to all the other free traffic programs I have seen.
Highly recommend this to anyone wanting people to come and visit their sites.
Thanks for providing such a useful program Kitty.
Julia.[Mont Pier]


Hi Kitty,
I think I was one of the first to buy.Your Free Website Traffic system is totally awsome. Thanks so much for making such a sensible useable program. Finally I am making sales like gangbusters.
I highly recommend this to anyone at any level.
Thanks Christian.

Christian Barker

Thanks Kitty yo put it all together in a way that I can make it work knew a little bit about the lot but never used it properly so it works.
I making sales now very excited.


Hi Kitty,
I have a confession to make. Feel like such a dunce. So am going to leave this comment anon but I think you know who I am.

You see I only bought your book to debunk you.
I have considered myself to be a traffic generating expert for years.
Know all about keyword research, article marketing, blog posting, SEO. I’ve been doing all this stuff for years.

When I saw your comments on our forum, I thought what an upstart, how dare this Australian grandmother who calls herself Kimbro, come in here and try to teach us how to suck eggs![my Texas pride was heading for a fall].

Anyhow my critics hat was on and pen in hand I was going to jot down all the misinformation in your instructions on how to create free website traffic. My intention was to discredit you once and for all in our forum. After all I am the king here and your challenge was not going to go unnoticed!

Right off the bat, as soon as I started reading your instructions, I knew, you had provided the most valuable information I have ever come across.

Kitty you have provided me with the missing link that I never even knew was missing in all my previous promotions.

I just shook my head and wondered why I have never grasped this concept myself. After the $1000’s I have spent on seminars, courses and books over the years.

I immediately forgot all about debunking you. All I could think of was to put this all into action immediately for all my promotions.

Your common sense approach made all this so easy for me to do.

I have prided myself on making good sales online for the past 5 years.

Since using your traffic methods starting 3 weeks ago I have made so many more sales than before and they just keep increasing daily!

Through my bad intentions towards you I have found the holy grail to marketing anything I want to from now on.

Please accept my appologies for the snide remarks I have made in response to some of your forum comments. I have had them removed and I will forever sing your praises from now on.

If you ever produce another gem product like this, please let me know. I’ll be the first to buy it – no matter what the price.

I consider your knowledge to be priceless.

Wishing you all the best,

The Eternal Sceptic.


Kitty! I had exactly one sale of my new product before I read your no nonsense, common sense guide to free website traffic and it took me a full month to get that sale!

After I read your guide, and was struck by its honest, simple approaches to a very difficult problem for most people (getting targeted traffic to their websites)and got a good laugh from your witty comments throughout – I applied just one of your technigues and got a second sale, in minutes… I am not going to say this will happen to everybody, but other sales have followed using this one technique and there is so much more to your ebook than this single easy to apply idea! I just wanted to say thanks…


As I am about to build my first website to promote my business I was looking at SEO info to maximize the results of my traffic generation once it went live.
Can’t tell you how glad I am to have bought your Free Website Traffic methods, before starting to build my site.
It has given me the big picture on how all this works and I can now build my site to cater for it’s traffic needs.
Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow and everything makes so much sense to me.

Amanda Kerr

Kitty your book is great and your support you give to your readers is amazing. I’m guessing none of your customers ever feel like they’re alone

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.



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