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Kimbro’s Study – Products for Your Sites

Before we look at adding Products to Your site, there are some essentials that you will need to implement

Firstly you need a payment processor that will accept credit cards so people can pay you for your products. Our Favorite is PayPal.com. Sign up for PayPal business account and start accepting credit card payments instantly. You can use individual buy buttons for single products selling from the pages on your site. Or integrate PayPal’s shopping cart on your site for any amount of products.

PayPal is free to join. You will need to set up a verified PayPal  business account. Verification can take some time, therefore it is advisable to set up a PayPal account well in advance to selling anything on your site.

Video Tutorials for implementing PayPal to your site are freely available to members of MyScribeWeb. Depending on the type of business you conduct you may also need a merchant account to increase sales and accept phone fax or face to face transactions for your business.

Customer Communications

Letting customers add themselves to a notification list for product updates, free offers etc. is another essential to running your business smoothly. MyScribeWeb members are given the code to build their own autoresponders, however this is a project for advanced users.

We have built and use our own autoresponder but have it on good authority that currently GetResponse has the best delivery rate.

Perhaps this would be a good place to ask you to join my mailing list via our autoresponder. I restrict my mailings to around 2 messages a month, keeping you updated with pertinent news from this site and the occasional freebie that I believe you could put to good use.

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Advertising on Your sites

Monetize your sites with Google AdSense. Google AdSense is free to join and you get paid by Google for displaying adds on your site.

You should also join Google Analytics free to join, find out at a glance where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site.

Also Google Webmaster Central free to join Statistics, diagnostics and management of Google’s indexing of your website, including : Sitemap submission and reporting.

Adding Products to your site

Now that your website is set up here are some resources to get products to add to your site.

Creating or manufacturing, your own products is the best option as you make 100% commissions on your own products.

Make sure that the products you are offering on your site are of the highest quality your  reputation is at stake here.

Add new products and content to your site. You will find plenty of products with Master resell rights in the MyScribeWeb members area. By loading these products to your site you will make 100% commissions. Also get all the tools and information on creating your own products and the source code to a 60+ page website store.

Become an Affiliate

Join the following free programs as an affiliate to sell other peoples products and get paid a commission for every sale your site makes.

Amazon: Enable your visitors to search the Amazon.com catalog by placing product search boxes on your Web page.

PayDotCom: 1000’s of products to choose from. Get your commissions via PayPal. Very helpful forum.

LinkShare: Membership Link to major stores and get a commission for your sales.

CLICKBANK: 1000’s of products to choose from. Note: When choosing products to promote on your site preferably choose products with  recurring commissions.

Most importantly research the products reputation carefully.

Email the product owner [vendor] or the support for the product before you promote the product. If you can’t establish satisfactory communication don’t promote the product. It stands to reason if you can’t communicate, your customers won’t be able to either. Also if there are problems with your commission payments you’ll have no form of regress.  


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