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* To develop an optimized web site from which you can promote any product or business.

In case you feel totally overwhelmed at the idea of building a website of your own you should consider the following:

* Have you ever tried to build a web page?
* Have you really investigated what’s involved in building and optimizing your own site?
* Kimbro.net has a complete Free  web building tutorial.

By reading through the material on this site you may get a different perspective about the process of building websites, that stand out from the crowd and end up in the top locations in cyberspace.

Technical Hurdles of Constructing Your Own Website.

I’m not going to spend much time on the technical aspects of building your own sites here, except to say that this is the #1 reason why people baulk at the idea of building their own sites.
Actually the technical construction of a website is the easy part , making the site worthy of your website visitors is another matter and crucial to your success.

That does not mean that we will ignore the technical skills needed to construct  your website.
On the contrary we give you every tool needed to construct your sites.
In-depth video tutorials on how to use the tools, graphics, codes, scripts etc. All available from our membership site.

Even if you hire some one to build, optimize and maintain your site for you, an understanding of how things work won’t go astray.

The Niche Phenomenon.

It seems as though just about every e-book and video on Internet Marketing gives the same instruction on how to set up a money making niche site.

* Find a hungry market [example health]
* Do keyword research [find the key words that people use to search for health]
* Build a website around the most popular keywords [for the health niche] Usually this site is composed of a sales letter, capture page, disclosure statement, thank you page & download page.
* Place a health product you created or some some other companies [ via Clickbank, Amazon etc. ] product on the site.
* create a capture page and offer a free product in exchange for the visitors e-mail, to build a list. Send back-end offers to your list via an auto responder.
* Out-bid your competitors for your keywords in an advertising campaign with Google Adwords.
* Rinse and repeat for every product you promote.

A whole industry of information products, seminars and Online tutorial membership sites have sprung up, to instruct everyone on how to create and beat the competition with niche sites also known as “business in a box sites”.

These niche sites and even more so the information products on how to create niche sites undoubtedly have made fortunes for some.
However Niche sites depend heavily on advertising capital.
Your success with niche sites depends on ROI [return on investment of your advertising budget] on a daily basis.
Bidding on your keywords against the heavy hitters with Google Adwords is also an acquired skill and many people have lost their shirts in this arena.

Although I have nothing against niche sites, they are not the object of our goal here.

Instead of building a different niche site for every product.
We want to develop an optimized website from which we can promote any product or business, including niche sites.

What would you rather have?

* A good niche site that sells 10 X $30 product a day = $300 less $200 for advertising costs = $100 profit.


* A website in a top location that’s receiving over 500 visitors per day and sells 10 X $30 products a day with no advertising costs = $300 profit.

The Key here is natural visitors and lots of them.

Natural visitors are people who find your website through the major search engines [known as “organic traffic”] like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc.

So how do you get a major search engine to direct a visitor to your site in favor of all the other sites on the same topic as your site.

The search engines job is to provide the most relevant information it can find on the net to the person submitting the search term.

The search engine shows the sites in order of relevancy from #1 to how ever many sites it finds on the topic of the search.

How is that for free advertising! Note that all the sites listed in the right hand column are paying big dollars daily to get the same exposure we get for free.

Any site that makes it into the top ten in Google is a site in a top location in cyberspace.

The steps to building a top location site.

For the time being unless you already have a product or business you want to promote Online, I want you to forget about the product. Forget about making money and forget about your business.

I want you to do some honest soul searching and define what You are really interested in.
What are You passionate about?
What do you like doing? Or what would you really like to do if you got the chance?

You are the only one who can truly answer that question.

Whatever the answer is, that should be the topic of your website.


You need to present outstanding original content on your site to beat the competition.
To create outstanding original content  you need to be or become, an expert on the topic you are presenting to your audience on your site.

Let’s pretend for a moment.

Let’s say that you considered honestly what you really love to do and you came up with this answer:
“I love to watch TV.”

If you love to watch TV, you probably watch a lot of TV or at least would like to watch a lot of TV.

Would you find a job offer right now, paying you a good income to watch TV?
Not likely?

Well you can employ yourself to watch TV by creating a website on the Topic of;
“I Love To Watch TV”

A search on Google shows that there are 18,700,000 sites competing for top spot on the search term “I Love To Watch TV.”

Further investigation shows how these sites in the top ten positions on the first page of Google are making money from related and some totally unrelated products.

So what do you think these “I Love To Watch TV” website owners are doing?

Constantly updating original content to their sites about the latest TV shows they have been watching.

Researching everything about TV shows Online, writing their biases opinions, unbiased opinions, reviews and criticisms about TV.

These people make a fortune doing what they love doing – they are good at it because they love it!

Once they have uploaded their latest content to their sites they go to their favorite social sites, forums and blogs and rave enthusiastically about their latest updates pointing people to their own “I Love To Watch TV.”site, via a link in their signature to the post.

All these links count towards their sites popularity as far as the major search engines are concerned. This is also an important factor in any sites promotion.[ referred to as “Relevant back linking”]

Now all of the above would be hard work for me because although I like to watch TV it is not my passion.

It would bore me to tears to have to research everything there was to know about watching TV.

In my heart I know I would not last the distance to create new and interesting content for a site on the topic of “I Love To Watch TV”

The Only Product You need to promote is “YOUR OWN WEBSITE” this is Your Online business.

Here is the big difference to what just about every so called Guru will tell you.
Instead of building a new website to promote each product you want to promote.

Promote Your Own Website from which you can successfully promote anything you want.

In a later chapter we will show you how to monetize your site with Google Adsense, and a huge range of products from Amazon to Zellers. Also how to create your own products Online.

So to summarize:

You must develop a website to start a home business Online.

Pick a topic you are passionate about as the topic of your website.

Next Important Step:

Choose the right Domain Name for your Online Business Website.


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