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About The Kimbro’s Study

Starting Your Own Online Business. A Step by Step Guide On How To Start A Home Business Online.
Kitty Jellinek

Kitty Jellinek

Hi my name is Kitty Jellinek. You may recognize the photo on the left as I use it as an avatar on forums and in various profiles online.

Without going into an extensive history on why I started my own online business – let it suffice to say that in 2002 at age 57 I moved to the Gold Coast.

After commuting 85 kl each way to work for eleven months and unable to find suitable employment nearer to home, I turned to Internet Marketing.

I now make a full time living from the comfort of my own home on the Gold Coast Australia , after years of frustrating, hard work.

To find out more about me and what I am doing online these days please visit the “Partner” links in the footer of this page.


Making it easier.

I have designed this free online study, in the hope that it will make the path to online success a lot easier for you than it was for me.

If only I knew then, [when I started out], what I know now – I would have shaved years off my learning curve.

I invite you to avail yourself of the information presented at this study.

I strongly recommend that you read all the material in the order it is given, starting with the introduction.

Make decisions carefully.

Making decisions on how you are going to proceed in establishing your own business online should be made carefully.

What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Therefore make informed decisions based on your own circumstances and skill levels.

While we are on the subject of skill levels, please don’t believe the hype out there that claim you don’t need any skills to be successful in setting up your own online business.

That being said, if you can read and write, I believe you have all the skills necessary to learn the skills needed to start your own profitable business online.

I have not covered the “paperwork” of registering your own business and accounting for tax etc. As the Kimbro’s Online Study is open to people from all around the world, regulations will vary from country to country. It is advisable however to make inquiries within your own location and register your own business.

In closing I’d like to say that I have tried to make all my information very easy to follow. I am aware how frustrating it is if you come to a stumbling block in assimilating any information. Please be aware that I am available to help you personally if you find yourself stuck at any point – but only once you have read through everything. What isn’t clear at first may become clear once you grasp the full picture – after reading everything within this study.