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Resources You Need for Your Computer

To Manage Your home Business Online

Internet Security

As you are going to access the internet – you must have an Internet security program running on your windows computer.

It only needs a couple of minutes for an unprotected windows computer to get infected online.

I use Trend Micro Titanium and it has served me very well. In all probability your computer had an Internet security program installed when you purchased it, you just need to make sure to keep your subscription updated.

Back Ups

In addition to setting your computer to make automated back ups. You should invest in a separate external hard drive with the capacity to make a shadow copy of your operating system and all the files on your computer. This is essential. If your computer hard drive malfunctions, you can set up a new machine within a couple of hours, ensuring your business doesn’t suffer any downtime. Also it can save you substantial costs in retrieving lost data. You should make a schedule to back up your computer to your external hard drive at least once a week.

Tools On Your Computer To Run Your Home Business

I highly recommend you set up a “Local Host” on your machine. This topic is covered at Additional recommendations to set up your site [optional].

You will need a program like “Microsoft Office” or a free version like “Open Office” or check out a very good very cheap version at “Software995”.

You will need a Photo and graphics editing tool like “Photo Shop” or a free version like “Gimp”.

You can do a search on Google and YouTube to find out more about the above programs and how to use them.

Keeping Your Home Business information Organized

Here is a practical example of keeping organized on your computer for an efficient workflow in your business.

Let’s suppose you bought a membership program X. You have found the documentation concerning this purchase in your inbox.

A typical scenario will include:

an email from paypal containing transaction and invoice ID’s


an email from the vendor with your access details like:

You may now access your content by
logging in to your account at…

=> http://whoever.com/login/
=> Username: your email@gmail.com
=> Password: WRpq137Q

Note: once inside you can download your program X


an email from the vendor with your bonus download links


Here is how to organize the above information for easy future access:

Create a folder on your desktop and name it “Program X – Paid”

within that folder create two new folders: name Folder 1 “Program X – messages”, name Folder 2 “Program X-Bonuses”

Save all the email messages you received during the purchase process listed above into Folder 1.

Download the actual Program X files into the folder named “Program X – Paid”

Download your bonuses into Folder 2.

Create an EXEL sheet named “Joined Programs” with the following columns:

Column 1: Program Name.

Column 2: Login Link URL ie: http://www.programx.com/members/login/

Column 3: Username.

Column 4: Password.

Column 5: Date Joined

Column 6: Notes

Fill in the columns with the information you got in the emails.

Enter any new programs you join [paid or free] on consecutive rows.







Additionally you can sort the column “Program Name” into ascending order A->Z. This makes looking up and accessing all you programs, by clicking on the “URL” column very fast.

Consruct Separate Exel Sheets for “Hosting Info”, Blogs, Forums, etc.

How To Copy And Paste

I get a lot of different requests on how to do various things on your computer – one of the most frequent – from beginners is how to copy and paste. YouTube has thousands of videos showing you how to do things on your computer, all you have to do is do a search on Google to find information on what to do.